On Saturday 24 June the whole of the Junior School came together for our annual Sports Day. Coming at the end of the hottest week of the year we awoke on Saturday to grey and threatening skies. Thankfully the rain was lenient with us and blue skies eventually became the order of the day.

The day started with our sprint heats on the track, before we all dispersed to the four corners of the field to take part in our field events. With many noteworthy performances from boys of all year groups in long distance running, throws of many varieties and a myriad of jumps we reconvened on the track for the sprint finals before finishing with the relays.

The following boys were first place in their respective field events:

Year 6 High Jump – Oliver Adamson

Year 3 Long Jump – Seb Wade

Year 4 Long Jump – Zaki Basheer

Year 5 Long Jump – Xavier Turner

Year 6 Long Jump – Dominic Wade

Year 3 Cricket Ball – Saxon Whymark

Year 4 Cricket Ball – Kanishq Hari

Year 5 Turbo Javelin – Toby Chick

Year 6 Shot – Ben Adamson

Year 3 Distance – Charlie O’Hara

Year 4 Distance – Reece Mahoney

Year 5 Distance – Harry Honeyman

Year 6 Distance – Oles Chaban

Year 3 Three Springs – Sam Nolan

Year 4 Soccer Ball Throw – Tim Hobbs

Year 5 Standing Triple Jump – Jake Wesseldine

The following boys were first place in their respective sprint finals:

Year 3 70m – Charlie O’Hara

Year 3 60m – Aiden Woodland

Year 3 50m – Ali Al-Musafir

Year 4 70m – Matthew McLoughlin

Year 4 60m – Charlie Randles

Year 4 50m – Zaki Basheer

Year 5 70m – Kolo Olejede

Year 5 60m – Noah Gibbons

Year 5 50m – Ben Robertson

Year 6 70m – Oles Chaban

Year 6 60m – Dylan Dreyer

Year 6 50m – Aaron Dhillon

The relay races were even more hectic this year than usual with teams made up of as many as 14 runners!

The winners of the relays were as follows:

Year 3 – Livingstone

Year 4 – Carey

Year 5 – Livingstone

Year 6 – Livingstone

Livingstone were the overall winners of the Relay shield.

With all the events complete it was down to Mrs Meier and her team of statisticians to work out the final results.

In reverse order the results were as follows:

3rd = Chalmers

3rd =  Moffat

2nd =Carey

 The 2017 winners were Livingstone!