A key member of the U11 Kent County Cricket team, Akhil Venugopalan has been placed in the West England cricket hall of fame for his best figures of 9-3-22-6 against a strong Devon side.  Opposition coaches remarked: “Akhil seems to have the ball on a piece of string!”.  He produced an outstanding performance against Lancashire, with his teams back against the wall, Akhil and his spin partner turned the match in Kent’s favour producing an amazing spell not only arresting the flow of runs but also picking up wickets in quick succession.

By the end of the cricket season, playing less games than his senior team mates, Akhil took the most wickets for Kent, achieving an impressive 19.  He received two Man of the Match awards and Kent County awarded him the with Best Bowler Medal in the U11 category.  Akhil also plays for his local cricket club (Hayes) and again was the leading run scorer and wicket taker in the U11 division.