Review by Emmanuel Sonuga, 6TCM

On the morning of the 22nd of September, we headed off to Dungeness. Arriving was like entering into a ghost world, with rickety boats and empty shacks, scattered about a sparse wasteland. The stark contrast of the glistening ocean with the desolate landscape was like nothing we had seen before, and we all agreed that it was like being in another country entirely, or even a film set. Our task was to get a sense of the essence of the area, before taking pictures, writing and making a series of drawings to capture our impressions.

After leaving Dungeness, we headed to Canterbury to eat and sleep. The following morning we headed off to Margate.

Upon arrival in Margate, our task was similar, we got an idea of the space around us, an interesting mix of gentrified and down at heel traditional buildings. We then set about capturing it in photography and film. A highlight of this trip was seeing the Turner Contemporary Gallery, where we could consolidate our own ideas with the work of different artists. All in all, this trip was a success because we were able to make useful work for our projects, as well as break the ice between new and old students.