On Tuesday, 4 October we had our first Hans Woyda match of the year, away to St Dunstan’s College. The Hans Woyda team mathematics competition runs in and around the London area. Teams of four compete against each other in a variety of rounds covering algebra, geometry and many more.

The team, Jonathan Bostock, Victoria Watts, Zaki Boudjemaa and Maxime Pesenti felt a bit nervous but were looking forward to the competition. After the first round of starter questions the scores were level, but over the next four rounds Eltham College pulled ahead and were leading 36 – 28 going into the penultimate round, Algebra and Calculus. St Dunstan’s performed well in this round and narrowed the gap to 5 points.  In the final race round, St Dunstan’s were very quick and at the last question were ahead by one point. The Upper Sixth Form student from St Dunstan’s put up his hand quickest to answer the last question, but his answer was incorrect and it was up to Jonathan Bostock to get the correct answer in the remaining time. Fortunately, he did and the final result was St Dunstan’s 43, Eltham College 44. Our next match is at home to Colfe’s School and will be played in the next few weeks.