On Tuesday 17 October, Eltham College’s Under 8 teams took part in a festival of Tag Rugby organised by St Dunstan’s School. The squad was involved in six friendly matches, and although the emphasis was on taking part and enjoying themselves, the try count for the record was 23 scored to 11 conceded in Eltham’s favour, comprising five ‘wins’ and a ‘draw’. The boys were a credit to the school, both in their rugby skills- tenacious tagging and spirited running with ball in hand a highlight- but also in their sportsmanship, encouragement of each other and positive attitude throughout.

The overall scores were as follows:

Eltham College 2 Bickley Park 1
Eltham College 4 St Dunstans C 0
Eltham College 5 St Dunstans A 3
Eltham College 4 Colfe’s 2
Eltham College 4 Hawes Down 1
Eltham College 4 St Christopher’s 4