The second round of the Hans Woyda Maths Competition was at home to Colfe’s School. The team, Arul Gupta, Victoria Watts, Zaki Boudjemaa and Maxime Pesenti were excited for the competition ahead. The scores were close throughout the first seven rounds of the competition with both teams scoring maximum points in the Team round, where they had to find pairs of three-digit numbers which form each other when rotated through 180 degrees, with a least one of the pair prime. Going into the final round, Colfe’s were ahead 29 – 30.

Unfortunately, Colfe’s were just too quick for Eltham in the Race round giving a final result of Eltham College 33, Colfe’s 40. All members of the team played extremely well, with special mention to Arul who was answering the Year 13 questions as other Upper Sixth students were unable to make the match. Our final match in the league part of the competition is away to Bromley High on Thursday 23 November.