On Wednesday 22 November, Year 6 joined Year 7 in the Sixth Form Centre for a Year 6 transition workshop lead by Mr Wearn (the head of Senior School History). Now, this may have given you a hint to what this was based on – History. We were to form together in groups of four, two from each year, and construct a Norman Castle out of card. This task needed exceptional teamwork skills and we all had one hour to do this. My group were based in the Mervyn Peake Library. First, we planned and then we built. Our castle consisted of the main box for the sole structure and the flaps were chopped off to┬ábe used as towers and an outer wall. We had a slow beginning but began to progress and we produced some fine work. At the end I was drenched with sweat.

This workshop was great and I thank Mr Wearn, Mrs Kanellis and all the other staff involved.

By Aditya Jayaram, Roving Reporter for Year 6