On Friday 8 December, all of the scholars from Year 6 went for lunch with the Headmaster, Mr Sanderson.

If you’re wondering what a scholarship is, it’s a type of award you can earn once you get to Year 6. They can be awarded for Art, Academic achievement, Music or Sport. If you want any of these scholarships you have to go through a test of your ability, and if you earn a scholarship you are known as a scholar.

On the day of the lunch, we were collected by Mrs Massey from the Senior School who came to take us to the Headmaster’s house.

The Head welcomed us in and took us to the dining room, travelling through many interesting rooms along the way. Once we reached the dining room all of us could see some magnificent food on the table.

Once the food was served we dug in, in a very polite way. The food tasted great and everything was just right. Normally we would just thank Mr Sanderson but I have to thank not only him for organising it but the catering staff for cooking the food.

After the food, the Headmaster took us to the main room where he gave us books to celebrate our scholarship.

It was a great day for me and I hope I can have another experience like that.

Written by: Akhil Venugopalan, Year 6 Roving Reporter