Last week, Year 3 and 4 showcased a marvellous nativity play. This traditional school event certainly lived up to the high standards of the past and reflected the hard work and talent of all the boys involved in terms of their acting and singing abilities.

All the boys in Year 3 excelled in their speaking or singing parts. Year 4 acted as the chorus and contributed to the excellent singing.

The whole piece was well paced, with touches of humour and some excellent acting from the boys and although there were many really strong performances, the Narrator and the Judge played by Robert Welensky and Vincent Trainer deserve special praise for providing such a strong backbone to the piece.

The costumes were splendid, and the whole performance managed to be entertaining whilst conveying the message of the Christmas story with real clarity and empathy. Many thanks to Mrs Chamberlain (Head of Year 3 and 4), for directing and producing the performance and to all the teachers involved in the production.

A special mention to Head of Junior School Music, Mr Alexander for his direction and arrangement.