The Chemistry Olympiad provides an opportunity to stretch and challenge A level students by testing their chemical knowledge. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to high-scoring students in Round One. Top-performing students from participating UK schools are chosen by the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad Selection Committee to progress to Round Two.

Round one
A two-hour written test is completed at school and papers are marked by teachers from that school.
The test questions are based on real-world chemistry problems that often stimulate much debate, thus raising awareness of what chemistry is all about and providing an opportunity to develop and showcase some of the skills required for studying chemistry at university and beyond.

Round two
A selection weekend combines both theoretical and practical testing. Typically, the four highest-performing students are selected to represent the UK in international chemistry competitions.
There were 6527 entries in this year’s competition. A total of 528 students won Gold awards (mark between 40 and 81), 1625 students won Silver awards (mark between 25 and 39), and 2016 students won Bronze awards (mark between 16and 24).
The 2018 Eltham College Chemistry Olympiad scores are as follows:
Gold award: Jonathon Bostock
Silver awards: Millie Richardson and Rob Horn
Bronze awards: Abilasha Nahulamohan, Jake Griffin, Rian Patel, Emil Parikh, James Smith, Caitlin Chick (L6), Sivashanth Sathiyathasan (L6) and Victoria Watts (L6)

Jonathan Bostock’s score qualified him for Round Two of the competition which was held at the University of Cambridge during the Easter holiday. At the end of the second round, he was selected from 30 other participants as one of the teams of four to represent the UK in the international final. At the end of July, Jonathan will spend ten days in Slovakia and the Czech Republic competing against the world’s most talented Sixth Form Chemistry students.

Congratulations to all the award winners!