‘The first breath that a choir or orchestra takes together, a breath filled with focus, intention and emotion, a breath unified for no other reason than to make something beautiful together… that is the reason we do what we do.’ Eric Whitacre

Each year, the quality of musicianship produced by the array of ensembles continues to rise. One of this year’s highlights was the opening piece, a collaboration between the Music Alive Strings who only started playing in September, performing an arrangement of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons alongside the String Orchestra.

Another crowd pleaser was Groovy Toons whose jazz pieces astonish with every performance, not least of all in tonight’s St. Thomas and Perdito.
An array of choirs from Music Alive Choir to Year 3 and 4 Choir, Year 5 and 6 Choir and Grange Choir lifted the rafters with many a contemporary composer making an appearance from Jonathan Dove, Caz Besterman and Eric Whitacre to name a few. Special thanks must go to Damian Sparks for his trumpet solo in Burgon’s Nunc Dimittis and battling with music which refused to stay on the stand forcing him to play one handed!

As well as smaller, quieter ensembles such as Flutie Toots and Guitar Ensemble, the richness of Brass Ensemble, Music Alive Concert Band and Wind Ensemble/ Hit Men didn’t fail to disappoint with everything from the Funeral March from Mahler’s 1st Symphony to Eye of the Tiger and Top Cat!

A huge thank you also for your generosity supporting the work of Living Well Bromley’s Food Bank in our retiring collection which raised £558.

Written by: Mr Alexander

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