The Eltham College Ski Team met up bright and early Sunday morning in Hertfordshire for the London Schools event. As soon as we arrived our preparation began. Skis were polished and waxed; equipment was constantly rechecked. The teams then started by doing a carefully pre-race course inspection. Ms Evans pointed out where we need to work hard to make speed and where to be cautious.

For the first round, the skiers had two runs to produce their best time for their teams. It was clear that the boys listened carefully to the advice given to them as the seconds began falling off in the second run. The Junior School team did superbly in the Slalom and came away with a gold medal, as did the Senior Team. It must also be mentioned that the fastest times in the event belonged to Eltham College. The second round of competition involved a Dual Slalom; teams had to race head to head to qualify further. Eltham College came away with an impressive medal haul again. A special mention goes to the Junior School B Team who came away with a silver medal, after some fantastic victories against strong opposition. It was a fantastic day out, and it was great to see everyone work together as a team. The Junior Schools boys learnt so much about race technique and preparation from the Senior School students. And we all enjoyed cheering England on during the intervals.

Written by: Mr Laubach