On Wednesday 26 September, The Junior School celebrated the European Day of Languages with a week of special activities in languages lessons. A large number of the students volunteered to introduce their home language to their classmates. The wonderful diverse nature of the community at the Junior School was highlighted as a total of 26 world languages were shared with enthusiasm and commitment, showcasing the fantastic multi-lingual skills our boys possess. Those who chose to take on the role of teacher did a meticulous job preparing PowerPoints, flashcards, quizzes and games to fully immerse their peers in the language they use at home. Not only did they enjoy taking the opportunity to bring their own culture into the classroom – they also took the time to take it outside! Activities included a Chinese lantern making competition, Pétanque, and a competition to design a T-Shirt to promote the European Day of Languages in 2019!

Bien joué! Gut gemacht! Da iawn!