Last week, the inaugural Climbing Competition was a tightly contested affair with only the narrowest of margins separating the top climbers. Thomas and Mathieu S, Lysander and Darius N and Noah G were all separated by just four points out of a possible 50 as they battled their way up some of the hardest routes on the School wall. However, the great drama of the day came in the final between Gui A and Dat D. Having scored the same in the first five routes; they had a final route between them. Gui went first and climbed with high energy and dynamism; towards the top, the climbing got more technical, and he began to run out of steam, so he launched himself for the top hold just grazing it with his hand as he fell. It was to be a crucial touch. Dat then began with his trademark methodical style, easing his way up the small pockets on the steeply overhanging route. But, like Icarus with his wings, Dat’s luck began to run out as he got higher. As he shifted his weight around the corner onto the final foothold, his other foot slipped, and he missed the last hold giving Gui the victory by a matter of millimetres.