On Wednesday 28 November, our Senior Maths Team travelled to Ravens Wood School for the Regional Final of the UKMT Senior Team Challenge.  The team comprised of Victoria W and David L (Upper Sixth) along with Freddy J and George E from the Lower Sixth.  The competition involved 24 other teams from schools in the South East of England and comprised of a range of challenging mathematical problems. In the first round, the team worked collaboratively on a set of ten questions and achieved an almost perfect score with only one question answered incorrectly. Round two required the team to work in pairs to complete a Crossnumber puzzle where one pair was responsible for the across clues while the other worked on the down clues. In this round, they secured full marks. The competition concluded with the Shuttle Relay, where pairs completed alternate questions using the answer from the previous question to complete their solution. This round proved to be quite tough, and although the majority of solutions were correct, we were outscored by three other teams. We were very proud to finish in fourth position, and wish the winners St Olave’s Grammar School the very best of luck as they progress to the National Final next year. Our team showed an excellent determination and spirit, and we are very proud of the outstanding standard of mathematics that they achieved.