Lower Sixth student, Dylan first arrived at Eltham College in Year 7. He had never played any team sports before coming to Eltham and was excited by the many sports opportunities on offer. He took a particular interest in Rugby and started his Rugby journey playing for the D team in Year 7. Dylan has dedicated himself to improving his game, and through his hard work and dedication, he has progressed from being a D team starter in Year 7 to a star performer on the XV team six years later.

As well as playing Rugby for the school Dylan joined the Old Elthamian’s Rugby Club, as well as the after-school Rugby clubs on offer, to build his skills and refine his technique. The Sport staff have supported his journey through one on one training sessions to improve his fitness and performance on the pitch.

Dylan’s advice to anyone starting in a similar position to him would be: “I think it’s important to never to give up and believe in your heart that you can achieve what you set your mind to.”

After leaving Eltham College, Dylan would like to continue to play Rugby socially as he enjoys the team aspect of the game and is proud of how far his skill set has progressed.