Following their strong performance in the league the Eltham College Hans Woyda team are now through to the Plate competition. All matches at this stage of the contest are knockout.

The first match was played at Dulwich College. The Eltham team, comprising Arul, Freddy, Liam and Yuxuan, did very well in the Starter round but found the Geometry and Mental rounds a little more challenging resulting in a score of Dulwich 21, Eltham 19 after three rounds. Eltham managed to close the gap with maximum points in the Team round and the score stayed level for the next couple of rounds. However, in the final Race round Eltham were just too quick for Dulwich and ended up winning the match 34 – 43.

Eltham are now through to the semi-final with the match due to be played in the next couple of weeks.