The Eltham College Blood Bowl Club (ECBC) had their first fixture of the season away at Caterham. Blood Bowl is a strategy game that’s a cross between American Football, Chess, and Dungeons and Dragons; where teams consisting of all manner of creatures compete to score as many touchdowns as possible over 16 turns. Each player played three games during the tie, and after round one the ECBC were down by one game to Caterham. With the contest level after round two, it all came down to the third round, where the ECBC did themselves proud, recording a huge number of wins and winning the tie. Special mention goes to Piers  playing on board one with a Lizardman team, who did exceptionally well against a highly experienced Caterham Board one. Despite struggling to deal with the opponent’s rampaging werewolves and losing game one, Piers came back and won games two and three against formidable opponents. Nick B also put in a superb performance; he was one dice roll away from winning all three of his games, but the very last roll needed to tie up the third win was anything but a one. Predictably and frustratingly Nick rolled a one; as a result his wide receiver fell over and dropped the ball before scoring the touchdown; leaving the award for the “best coach” to a Caterham student.

In terms of individual awards the ECBC were not to be outdone, with Alex E getting the “most casualties” award; inflicting 13 serious injuries to his opposition over three games. Special mention goes to Arthav G, who achieved a rare feat in Blood Bowl, which is to pitch-clear the opposition. In game one, just before half-time, the only remaining players on the field were his Dwarf team, leaving him to score at leisure; whilst the opposition were languishing in the injured/knocked out box. Great fun was had by all, and the team are already looking ahead to future tournaments.