On Tuesday 5 March, a selected few boys, including: Rohan A (Team Leader), James J (Engineer), Diego G (Engineer), Charlie H (Electrical Expert), Henry P (Accountant) and Nithin K (Tester), went to Queens Mary University London, to attend the Faraday Competition.

Under the guidance of Mr Chan, we first went by train to get there, and then were kindly greeted by the host. When we arrived, we were told, what the Faraday Competition was. It’s a competition, which introduces engineering to students, in a fun competitive way.

Our task was to build a machine that would help, in any way or form, the James Webb Telescope. We had to plan, buy parts to make a model, within our given budget, and present our project to the client. For our team, we decided to make a sun shield for the telescope. Eventually, with great teamwork, we completed our project, and presented it to the Judges.

We competed with 6 teams across London….and won!  We were awarded 83 points for our excellent teamwork, presentation skills and completion of the project. We are extremely happy for, and thankful to, Mr Chan for giving us this amazing opportunity. We enjoyed it a lot, learnt about engineering as a career, and are happy to say that it was a great experience. Now, only time will tell if we will get into the Finals, depending on how other rounds of teams do nationally.

Written by: Rohan (Year 8)