11 March 2019 saw the start of the five days of Eltham College Science Week. Over the course of the week, students and staff took part in activities designed to educate and inspire and we were delighted to see collaborations with Music and Art this year.

At the beginning of the week, our Head of Brass, Steve Thompson, showed his love for Music in all its forms, demonstrating the art of the Theremin and the workings of the Laser Harp to great acclaim, hosted by SciSoc. Once again, the Science Departments took over Central Hall for the week. Posters of inspirational discoveries and inventions that have inspired each of our Science teachers were displayed, and competitions and interactive displays enticed all passing through to learn more. Year 9 parachute competition was played out in front of a packed audience, and the GCSE Geologists challenged all to investigate the minerals that they had been learning about. Students from all years could label the Human Skeleton build Cell Models from sweets and make bouncy balls from PVA glue. The Psychology Department gathered evidence for whether smiling helps deal with adversity, and the prize-winning Safe-Cracking and Robotics Engineers showed off their creations.

We were delighted to have the Gerald Moore Gallery staff collaborating with us this year. Year 7 students visited the Gallery to make slime and build robots to become artists. The installations from professional artists, invited to show off their interpretations of Science was inspirational, and the Eltham Community were able to visit during their Open Evening on Tuesday and Saturday. The final event was the first ever Inter-House Science Quiz in the Anthony Barnard Theatre, with Moffat deservedly taking first place.

Thank you to all who presented and took part in all the activities, and who continue to support all that makes Science special at Eltham College.