Year Five and Six welcomed a guest speaker this week to talk to them about the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF). The NSIF charity was set up by Mr David Nicholls when his son Daniel was paralysed following a swimming accident in Australia. David promised Daniel that he would walk again one day. Having done so, he then realised that this was not yet medically possible.

Deciding that something needed to be done to achieve this goal, David set up a foundation to research the medical advancements needed. Much has already been achieved, and due to the research that the charity has funded, spinal injuries could soon be repaired, allowing paralysed people to walk again. For the first time in history, scientists have recorded the re-connection of severed spinal nerve fibers. This has huge implications for the future of research into spinal injury.

Mr Nicholls presented each child with a copy of OFF DUTY, a recipe book that brings together forty eight of today’s culinary stars sharing the recipes that they love to cook at home. These books have been sold in great numbers to fundraise for the NSIF. Dylan Nicholls, David’s son, spoke passionately in class about his brother and his wish that one day paralysis could be a thing of the past.