For those of you out there that are devoted EastEnders fans, the return of Robbie Jackson to Walford and Albert Square (3rd June 2019) was quite possibly a surprise, if not a shock!

An even greater surprise was that one of our own Junior School Year 6 students, Shiven, had a starring role as Robbie’s son. Whilst Shiven is adjusting to life with his new found fame, he is adamant that it will not affect his devotion to his studies at Eltham College.

The introduction of Drama to the Eltham College Junior School curriculum last September has boosted all of the students confidence and helped hone their acting skills. Shiven has been busy rehearsing intently with his classmates in preparation for the Year 6 production of Fantastic Mr. Fox, adding to his ‘drama toolkit and thus enhancing his opportunities to land roles in national institutions such as Eastenders.