On Thursday 20 June, Year 6 students were treated to an afternoon of practical activities in the Senior School laboratories taking part in a project known as Gopher Science, supported by the Royal Society of Biology. The twist was that with their teachers looking on, Sixth Form Scientists took their place, presenting the activities and supporting the younger boys in their investigations. The Junior School experimenters discovered why snails need slime, how butterflies drink, how to fool your brain and what methods work best to clean up oil spills, while the older student teachers showed their expertise in preparing, presenting, inspiring and communicating ideas in Science.

Thanks must go to Mrs Colwell and Mrs Harrex in the Biology Department for setting up the event and the Sixth Form teachers Miguel, Katie, Sivashen, James, Roan, Tom , Frankie, Jonny, Zaki, Ike, Jamie, Paula, Thomas and Robert.