Hans Woyda is a challenging Mathematics competition, in which over 60 schools in London compete. Each team consists of four players: one from Years 7-9, one from Years 10-11, one in Year 12 and one in Year 13. Students compete both individually and in teams, answering questions on geometry, algebra, calculus and mental arithmetic.

This week, the Eltham College Hans Woyda Maths Competition Team had their first match of the year. The team, comprised of Freddy J (Year 13) Liam D (Year 12), Yuxuan J (Year 10) and Oles C (Year 9), made the trip to Bromley High School on Tuesday. All team members made a significant contribution and Eltham led from start to finish, resulting in a final score of Bromley High 16, Eltham College 51. This is a very high score and bodes well for future matches.

Our next match is at home against Trinity on Tuesday 25th October, when Dylan D will be taking the Year 9 position.