RPGs are flourishing in Tabletop Gaming Club during the latter half of 2019, with a range of thrilling settings and themes to explore. An RPG (Role-Playing-Game) sees participants take on the role of an individual character, with their own characteristics, goals, proclivities and foibles. As the story unfolds (presented by the GM or “Gamesmaster”) the individuals choose how they respond to the situations presented in front of them.

Nick led a Halloween RPG based on HP Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, where the emphasis was on the fear of the unknown. James led a classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG based in Middle-Earth in the Valley of Rivendell, whilst Orin led, and subsequently designed his own Sci-Fi Star Trek themed RPG, including an encounter with a Rogue Romulun starship.

RPGs are hugely fun but difficult to put together: They mix creativity in coming up with a plot line, outlying the scene as the characters choose what they do as part of the story; and game mechanics, i.e. realising this plot through the lens of the rules with statistics and dice. This makes them one of the few pursuits that require maximum effort from both halves of the brain – and terrific good fun!