U18 A & B vs. JAGS

A fantastic afternoon of Netball for the senior squad this evening against JAGS. The squad has been hit by a wave of illnesses and injury however this did not put any stop to the girls.

The A team had a fantastic start, winning the first quarter. The girls showed excellent movement and drive towards the ball. At half time the JAGS teacher complemented on how much the girls had improved since we last played them 6 weeks ago. The A team continued to work hard and later dominated in the last quarter, securing a second win. Although the final score was 11-25, the girls showed huge improvements and were positive throughout the game.

The B team had a tough start to the game. However, defence worked hard to get the ball turned over as many times as they could. It was the return of the floater pass that meant a lot of our balls were intercepted, which lead to a number of goals being scored by JAGS. The girls managed to secure a draw in the last quarter, showing more dynamic movement around court and getting some good shots on goal.

Overall it has been fantastic to see the squad continue to improve and develop each week! With this is game as a marker, it shows that all the hard work the girls are putting in is paying off. Players of the match were awarded to Lily Robinson and Annie Ashley-Cheek for their fantastic shooting and movement around the circle. We look forward to seeing how the squad continues moving forwards, with two more home matches coming up. Thank you to the Rugby boys for their support, it certainly gave us the home advantage effect today.