On 7 November, the Senior Mathematics Challenge took place with 115 students in Lower and Upper Sixth taking part. Due to the difficulty of the challenge, a few of the top mathematicians in Years 10 and 11 were also selected to take part.

This year, nine students successfully qualified for the Kangaroo Paper: six from Upper Sixth, one from the Lower Sixth, and two from Year 10. Congratulations to Kiryl Tarasenka (best in Upper Sixth), Freddy Jiang, Eleanor Bruce, Trystan Kunemann, Mfon Umoren, Damien Hedges, Liam Donnelly (Best in Lower Sixth), Ximan Mao (Best in Year 11) and Maxime Pesenti.

Finally, congratulations to Yuxuan Jiang, in Year 10, who achieved the highest score (109/125) of all our participants. He has qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad paper.