In the week beginning 11 November, 150 Junior School students took part in the Primary Maths Challenge – a national competition consisting of a set of mathematical puzzles, rewarding logical thinking and application of skills in unfamiliar contexts. Some of the questions were head-scratchingly difficult, leading to some rich discussions in subsequent Maths lessons.

Eltham College students achieved unprecedented success, with twenty-one students achieving scores of 20 or more in the 25-question paper. The following students have qualified for the bonus round in February 2020:

Nathan Bastian-Carter (Year 6)
Earl Bodemeh (Year 6)
Alex Chuang (Year 6)
Kayden Garnham-Jong (Year 6)
Arnav Gupta (Year 6)
George Howard (Year 6)
Benjamin Hunter (Year 6)
Vincent Ji (Year 6)
Felix Johnson (Year 6)
Alexei Kubzin (Year 5)
Oliver Pagliari (Year 6)
Roshan Rao (Year 6)
Robert Welensky (Year 5)