Oles Chaban, President of Columbus Aviation reports:

On Saturday 7 December, 12 excited Year 9 students travelled to Imperial College London for the Galactic Challenge. On arrival, students were paired with St Dunstan’s College to form Columbus Aviation and were tasked to come up with innovative designs for an asteroid mining station in the year 2079 that could house 4,000 people and include various automated mining processes. Eltham College students worked hard from the get-go and, after a few initial struggles, formulated some great ideas to take on the task. With time ticking away, students submitted their project at the last minute and decided who was going to present their methods. With a sizeable audience, the team members delivered their ideas without flaw. After the judges’ feedback and a tense T-minus 10 countdown, Columbus Aviation were announced as the winning team and went to collect their medals.

Congratulations to all 12 participants from Eltham College and a particular mention to Vice-Presidents, Atharv Gupta and Orin Vitalis, for helping to lead the team and to James Johnson, Harry Barlow and Tom Mortimer for their contributions during the presentation.