Bleddyn (Year 8) reports:

On Tuesday 4 February, twelve Year 8 students went to Queen Mary University in London to enter the Faraday Challenge; a competition run across England by IET, who were partnered with Airbus this year. After taking longer than it would usually take, due to delay in rail network, we eventually arrived at the campus, just on time. When we entered the ‘Octagon’ part of the University, we split into two teams of six each and went to our tables. We were taken through the ‘brief’ set by Airbus, which was to design a way to help deliver aid or a new type of aid for times of need, like natural disasters. Not only did we have to come up with an innovative and unique idea, we had to create a working prototype with an electronic element and make sure we had enough ‘Faraday money’ to buy the equipment to make this. For the first 15 minutes, we set out a basic plan of our idea before the ‘shop’ opened. When we were all finally finished, we presented our idea to the others and the engineer, who marked us in all areas of work, from teamwork to our prototype. When the marks were revealed, we found out that one of our Eltham teams had won, and each team member received a £10 voucher. In June, we will find out whether we are through to the Regional Finals.