Over the weekend of 14-15 March five Lower 6th Physicists competing in the UK Space Design Competition held at Imperial College – Liam Donnelly, Louis Ayin-Walsh, Charlie Horn, Nathaniel Smith and Kyle McMillan. They were teamed up with three other schools from around the country, who had all also made it through the regional competitions, to form the aerospace company Rockdonnel in the year 2065.

They competed against a further three companies to win a contract to build an orbital settlement close to Mars which will act as a transport hub for the inner Martian system. The team worked tirelessly from 9am on Saturday when they received the brief until the pitch on Sunday morning. This meant working all though the night at a local hotel, going through all of the trials and tribulations that an engineering company would face in industry.

This hard work clearly paid off as Rockdonnel were crowned the champions and the National winners for the 2020 competition. The whole company will now vote for the top 12 contributors to be selected to represent the UK at the international competition to be in Houston, Texas in July 2020, which will undoubtedly include some of our pupils. An amazing achievement and some invaluable experience gained for all of those involved.