Where were you before Eltham College?

Last year I moved to London from the Isle of Wight to complete my Psychology PGCE at UCL, which makes Eltham College my very first teaching post. Before that, I spent three years completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Exeter.

What have you enjoyed so far about starting here?

Being back in the classroom. Having not taught since schools closed in March for lockdown, it has been a refreshing change of pace to be back delivering lessons and engaging with students. This has been made even more enjoyable by the inquisitiveness and positive attitude displayed by the students at Eltham.

What are you most excited about undertaking with students?

I am most excited to start a Psychology club with help from my Psychology Sixth Form students. Psychology is an extremely interesting and broad subject, meaning there is always more to know than can ever be on an exam specification. This means students can take the lead in investigating what they find most interesting, from visual illusions to personality to mental health. My aim is to eventually involve Lower and Middle School students and give them the opportunity to explore Psychology before they make their A-level choices.

In a post-COVID world, I’m also looking forward to organising a variety of trips for students. Specifically, I’m very excited to take Upper Sixth students to the London Freud Museum where students can deepen their understanding of the Psychodynamic approach while also getting to see Freud’s, now famous, therapist couch.

Something students and staff may not know about you? 

I enjoy being in the outdoors and especially going camping. I would love to visit many of the National parks in America and Australia just to explore the natural beauty of those places. My passion for the outdoors probably spawned from my 16 years in the Scout Association. During that time, I helped raise over £1000 for my local group and spent two years volunteering as a Leader, where I helped organise a week-long, activity filled camping trip to the Peak District.