Students in the Lower Sixth took part in Maths in Action on Tuesday 23rd November.  The exciting day featured a series of lectures, each focusing on a different aspect of maths, and how maths can reach far beyond the classroom.

The first talk of the day was from Rob Bennett about the BLOODHOUND project.  This global engineering adventure is using a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record in an attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy and get involved with not just maths, but science, technology and engineering.

Ed Southall engaged the students with puzzles and conundrums, Primrose Kitten talked about exams success as well as other insightful maths related talks from Sara Jobbari and Katie Steckles.

Bobby Seagull, Maths Scholar and former contestant on University Challenge, gave an incredible talk on the 2008 Financial Crisis. Bobby shared his experience of the financial crisis of 2008 from the trading floors of Lehman Brothers and explored financial derivatives and some of the weapons of math destruction that caused the most chaotic recession in a lifetime.