At Eltham College part of our Wellbeing curriculum focuses on Internet Safety.  Students throughout the year discuss online behaviour and the importance of staying safe online.  

To coincide with Safer Internet Day a special edition of The Foxbury Gazette, the magazine produced by our Head of Wellbeing has been published full of articles and advice about online safety, safer social networking, understanding the difference between fact or fiction, live streaming and other important issues.  

Students will be discussing the contents of The Foxbury Gazette in tutor groups during form time, and in Wellbeing lessons this week, and after half term.  They will also be completing a “Fake News” unit of work to support their ability to be critical of sources of information they read online.  Teachers will also be running activities provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

A copy of the Safer Internet edition of The Foxbury Gazette can be found below.

Foxbury Gazette Safer Internet Special Edition