What did they really mean?

A student in another school having read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley commented “ Frankenstein has been viewed as a commentary on exploring new scientific frontiers such as stem cell research”

A writer on the American poet Emily Dickinson commented “Her life choices and ability to live within herself are reflected in her poetry..” “ …look how she judges something by its limits, similar to the limitations in her personal life.”

How much does biographical knowledge of an author matter? Is the meaning of texts fixed? Does each generation bring new meaning to a text in the light of its own experiences ? This is what the Year 8 Scholars have been debating in their recent sessions.

As one student Iolo remarked, “It is just like the Reformation. Martin Luther brought a new meaning to the text.”

That comment sums up what the Scholarship programme is all about.

The lesson forms part of the Scholars Programme which includes workshops and lectures overseen by our Head of Academic Scholarship, Mr Cavendish.