You may be tired of wearing masks due to Covid but in the New Lunar Year of Tiger, Year 7 students made some wonderful Tiger Masks and Chinese12 Zodiac Animal Lanterns to celebrate this festival. Tiger represents strength, courage and fearlessness in the Chinese Zodiac.

Lower School students participated in the Chinese Menu Design Competition. Several students took part in the competition and there were some amazing designs and characters displayed. Congratulations to Jessica and Samira for their winning designs.

Year 10 and 11 received Lucky Red Envelopes with treats 红包 for good luck in their studies with written sentences of good wishes in Chinese to each other.

The highlight in the celebration is our Chinese tea tasting in the Senior School. Chinese tea culture reflects the Chinese nation’s long civilization and etiquette. Our students enjoyed tasting the famous floral scented Jasmine tea and learned about Chinese tea ceremony.

We also would like to thank our catering team for preparing a great authentic Chinese New Year lunch menu on New Year’s Day.  We wish everyone have a joyous and abundant New Lunar Year of the Tiger.