The problem of Quantum Physics violating local realism was something that troubled Albert Einstein and many physicists since.  This dilemma was expertly explained by Dr Marco Cianciaruso in his talk to the Year 10 Athenaeum.

Having dealt with the differences between the quantum and classical world (and that very difficult issue of where the boundary between the lies) Dr Cianciaruso used  “suitcases” selected randomly by Alice and Bob who opened them many hundreds of miles from each other.  These were used to examine whether it was possible that the action of Bob opening his suitcase could in any way affect the outcome of what Alice would find when opening her case?

The work of the Northern Irish Physicist John Bell in 1964 suggested that it could and recent experimental evidence seems to agree as the journal Symmetry put it in June 2018 “Quantum entanglement doubted by Einstein has passed increasingly stringent tests.” The students were challenged and enthralled by this fascinating presentation.