Where were you before Eltham College?

I was Head of Key Stage 3 Mathematics at Bexley Grammar School, where I taught all levels of Mathematics for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Before that I taught at Alderman White School in Nottingham.

What have you enjoyed so far about starting here?

​I’ve enjoyed seeing a love of mathematics and problem solving all through the senior school from Year 7 to Upper Sixth. The students’ desire to mathematically challenge themselves and strive for success has contributed hugely to my enjoyment in the classroom.

What are you most excited about undertaking with students?

​I’m excited about many aspects of teaching and learning within my mathematics classroom as well as helping the wider school community. I’m excited to introduce my Lower Sixth students to Desmos, Geogebra and Autograph to explore calculus, co-ordinate geometry and statistical distributions as well as encourage a culture of positive mental health across the Lower School. I’m also overseeing Eltham College’s entries into the UKMT Mathematical Challenges, and am looking forward to giving our students the opportunity to compete nationwide.

Something students and staff may not know about you? 

As well as being a maths teacher, I’m qualified to teach mindfulness and I’m also a salsa dancer. I dance salsa socially, but I was also half of the most promising beginners couple at university and came 3rd in the Northern University Dancesport Championship Final for Cha-Cha.