Sebastiano Zane is an OE who is currently studying for an MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, London. As part of his degree, he is undertaking a project to design and build a Virtual Reality (VR) Music Performance Platform which allows percussionists to set up and perform their instruments in VR, generating a feed that could then be streamed over the internet to viewers.

He invited students from Eltham College to test the designed product, and says: “For such a product, the potential users range from current professional musicians all the way to beginners who are merely looking for a way to express themselves”.

Students interested in Physics, and possibly thinking of Engineering in the future, experienced a valuable insight into the world of Masters-level scientific study with a 30-minute session to experience a unique way of playing the drums.

Each student was given the opportunity to test the VR drum kit, play on it, and answer questions, which will help Sebastiano with the final stages of his dissertation as well as being able to ask their own questions about this exciting project!