Eltham College is proud to announce that our Weather Station is now live.  Installed on the Turberville Building within view of all from the front of the Foxbury Centre, it can be seen by staff and students every day, and is transmitting local conditions to the world.

This particular model was chosen last year by the students because it is wireless, remote and upgradable, with access to the Weatherlink system which will allow continuous further addition of sensors, including UV and pollutants.  The chance for students to propose and run weather-related projects is really exciting.

Collecting data on atmospheric pressure, wind and rainfall, we can now see real-time data from within the College as well as add to the global network of weather monitoring.  Those planning to visit the College for outdoor activities will be able to see live conditions and forecasts based on accurate data provided by us.

At a time when climate change is affecting everyone’s lives, contributing even a small part to this effort is valuable, but even more important is the chance that we now have to further educate our young people to understand the world around us.  Weather, both locally and globally can be seen at Local Weather Forecast, News and Conditions | Weather Underground (wunderground.com) Station ID: ILONDO521.

We are very grateful for the continuous support of our IT team but particularly for Chris, Francine and Thea, who were the original enthusiasts behind the project initially, paving the way for future Eltham Meteorologists.