Last year Jess (Upper Sixth) and Emilio (Year 8) both gained places at the highly prestigious British Youth Music Theatre (BYMT).  Jess and Emilio have been participating in BYMT productions and were cast in new musicals during the Summer holidays.  Here they write about their exciting experience:

“During the summer holidays I went to the British Youth Music Theatre for two weeks. We did a brand new show, A Midsummer Night’s Dream the Musical and I played Demetrius.

One of the things I found the most amazing was two weeks before the final performances none of us knew each other; by the end of the two weeks, we had developed amazing friendships and put on three two-hour shows!  Rehearsals were from 9.00am in the morning until 9.00pm at night.  We had two small breaks during the day and one hour for lunch.  Each evening lights out were at 10.30pm.

During rehearsals we learnt various drama techniques and spent a lot of time practicing songs and routines. What was amazing was that the lyrics were not already done, only the music had been composed, so we ourselves created the lyrics. The Dress and Tech Day was a busy one, but it was worth it. The next day was show day and we had lots of fun backstage!

I would definitively recommend BYMT to anyone who loves Musical theatre.

Emilio, Year 8

“In the Spring of 2022, I became a member of the British Youth Music Theatre Company, for which I was cast in the production of ‘Educating Yorkshire T’Musical’. This included a 3-day casting in May half-term and two weeks of rehearsals leading to the performances at the Square Chapel Arts Centre in Halifax, in August. 

I was cast as a member of the dance team and ensemble, as well as the role of a mother. The experience was one I will remember forever. The close relationships I formed with the cast and the ability to work with professionals daily was truly amazing. I have formed friends for life and was able to spend two weeks of my summer immersing myself in something I am so passionate about.

Each day we would have rehearsals from 9.00am-9.00pm which would include a range of singing, acting and dancing exercises as well as multiple varied numbers from the newly written musical. I was able to add my own ideas in collaboration with the cast and the creative teamTogether we performed four shows and it was an experience I will cherish forever. 

Jess, Upper Sixth


Jess (top centre)