You can’t be what you can’t dream.It was a pleasure to welcome Raquel Taylor to Eltham College as part of our celebrations of Black History Month.As a Science Communicator and factual documentary maker, Raquel enjoys a niche alternative to typical science careers. She spoke passionately about her favourite Black scientists and influences, her pivot from Physics student to her current role, as well as wider discussions about the importance of Science Communication in culture and society.“You can’t be what you can’t dream” and so it was especially powerful to have something so different to ignite creativity and possibility in our young people (regardless of race!)We look forward to welcoming her back to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science in February. With much thanks to Head of Science, Mr Whittaker for his support to improve outcomes for our children.This Black History Month at Eltham College has been a re-focus on Black British History and Black British stories because Black British History is being made right now.