The Eltham College Bloodbowl Club, the ECBC, enjoyed their first tournament of the year at High Wycombe.

Four games were played back-to-back in a chess style tournament, where individuals are matched against opponents with a similar W/L record . After an exhilarating day focusing in this immersive mind sport, Year 10 student George come fifth overall; an excellent result considering we were playing against adults.

Special mention also goes to Archie, Year 9, who received a special award for causing the most casualties, and Etienne from Year 7, who only learnt the rules in late September, yet managed to score a victory against an opponent who’d been playing for decades.

Our local Eltham College League, currently contested by eight players, is led by Emilio, who remains undefeated after four games, despite losing two key players through injury.