24 Hour Charity Fundraiser Success 

Eltham College students

Eltham College students were successful in completing a schoolwide 24 hour five-a-side football match last week held on 18-19 November 2022. This was the first event in a series that launched the school’s ’24’ campaign, with the aim to fundraise £24,000 for charitable causes by 2024. 

Around 100 students took part in mixed teams, aged between 7 and 18, and played five-a-side football continuously for the scheduled 24 hours. Younger students played during daylight hours, while 20 Sixth Form students played on through the more gruelling night-time shifts. 

So far, they have They raised a staggering £7,342, for the three charities voted for by the students: The Chris Aked Foundation, British Heart Foundation and Harambee for Kenya. 

James Willatt, Deputy Head, said: “Congratulations to the students who organised and took part in this mammoth 24-hour event, an incredible achievement all round.   

Louis Lardner, aged 17, is co-head of this year’s charity team says: “The event was a total success, to date we have raised £7,753 pounds for our chosen charities, knocking our £5,000 goal out the park! It was great to see the entire school community getting involved, with JS pupils playing with Sixth formers, Teachers participating with students and many parents arriving on site to show their support for the challenge.

As for the challenge itself, It was certainly tough. From 2pm to 2pm, there was legitimate footballing competition for the whole 24 hours, and all though we were feeling worse for wear afterwards, it was worth it for the cause.

I want to say a massive thank you to anyone who donated; Josh Griffiths (Y13) who was extremely helpful in running the event; the teachers and staff who gave up their time to supervise the challenge and finally, Mr Williatt, who braved the overnight shift and saw it through all the way. Without Mr Williatt’s help, us students couldn’t take a lead in organising school wide events.”

What a great start to the 24 by 24 campaign, keep going everyone! Thank you to everyone in supporting our students in completing this gruelling event! 

There’s still time to donate to these fantastic causes via the GoFundMe page here. 

(Thank you to Domino’s Pizza in Mottingham for fuelling everyone through the night…)