Eltham College is excited to host the first of a series of talks celebrating International Women’s Day 2023. Join us this afternoon at 1 pm in the Old Library as we hear from our first guest speaker OE Liv Rigby (2019) on her experience of creating business opportunities while studying, as well as her own venture ‘Liv & Learn’.  Liv is a final year BSc Psychology student at the University of Bristol and is passionate about entrepreneurship. Her talk promises to be inspiring for anyone interested in starting their own business. 

Liv will share her journey of starting Liv & Learn, a business that aims to provide personalised educational support to students. She will provide insights into the challenges and rewards of combining academic pursuits with entrepreneurial ventures. Liv believes that studying and running a business are not mutually exclusive and that anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship can make it work.  

This talk is a great opportunity to learn from an alumna who is forging her own path in the world of business. Liv’s experience will inspire anyone looking to balance academic pursuits with entrepreneurial ventures!