Join us today for a thought-provoking talk with Alex Zdunek and learn how you can be a part of the change towards equality for women in sports.  

As a championship rugby player and Intellectual Property Operations Administrator at Dr. Martens plc, Alex will be sharing her experiences and insights on the importance of sport and equality for women in sport during her talk today at Eltham College in The Old Library. 

Alex is a living example of how sports can positively impact one’s life. Her dedication to rugby and balancing it with a full-time job and participation in an elite athletic programme is truly inspiring. During her talk, Alex will share how she manages competing priorities and how we can all work towards applauding equality for women in sport. 

Sports have the power to unite people and create positive change. Alex’s talk will emphasize the importance of sports and how we can create a more inclusive environment for women in sports. She will share her unique perspective as a successful athlete and professional in the corporate world. 

Let’s all applaud the achievements of female athletes and work towards a more inclusive world.