Members of the Year 10 Athenaeum enjoyed two illuminating talks from members of the Upper Sixth, both on a scientific theme and in the context of the School’s Science Week.

Nathan C began by talking about Nucleosynthesis, explaining with great clarity how the elements in the periodic table grew from a paltry three, Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium, to the multitude we are now familiar with. Tracing the process of fusion through the rise and fall of stars we were lead on a fascinating journey, not only learning about the past but of course much useful information to inform the future.

The future was very much the theme of Roli O’s talk about whether bioprinting is the future of organ transplantation. After exploring the existing methods by which organs can be “printed” Roli expertly summarised the ethical questions surrounding the practice prompting some interesting questions from the audience.

Overall it was a delight to listen to Senior Students inspiring those a few years below them with their knowledge and enthusiasm.