Science Takes Over Eltham College’s Central Hall

Today marks the third day of Science Week at Eltham College, and it was an eventful day filled with more exciting activities. The Science department took over Central Hall at 1 pm, where all five Sciences set challenges for the InterHouse Competition. The competition was fierce, with each house putting their scientific skills to the test in the hopes of winning Science Week overall.

Tom, O, and Atharv of PhysSoc demonstrated their skills by building a particle detector in a fish tank. They also explained the ideas behind particle Physics.

Posters featuring science heroes chosen by teachers were displayed around Central Hall, showcasing individuals who have made significant contributions to science, celebrating their achievements.

In the Old Library, our resident MasterChef showcased his skills all day, working with Year 8 students. It was a tasty day, and the students learned a lot about the science of cooking.

The third day of Science Week was another successful day where students had a lot of fun while learning.