Eltham College is proud to announce the launch of its new lecture series, The Peake Lectures, in celebration of the school’s 180th anniversary. This series will feature high-quality outside speakers and former pupils who will share their knowledge and experiences on various topics with the school community.

Named after Mervyn Peake, a renowned author and artist who was a former pupil, the inaugural Peake Lecture will be given by Professor Harry Cliff, a particle physicist at Cambridge University. Professor Cliff will explore the origins of atoms to the Big Bang and make sense of and explain the universe in his talk entitled “How to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch – in search of the recipe for our universe”.

As a specialist in matter and anti-matter, Professor Cliff has worked on the Large Hadron Collider experiment, a huge particle detector at CERN near Geneva. He is also a regular contributor to public lectures, TV, and radio appearances. The event will take place on Thursday, 17th March at 6:30 pm in the Antony Barnard Theatre, and attendees will be treated to light refreshments.

The Peake Lectures promise to be an enlightening experience, providing Eltham College students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. Don’t miss this chance to see and hear Professor Cliff in person and engage in a stimulating and convivial evening talk.