For the last 28 days during March, I have been walking 5km carrying 20L of water everyday at 6:30 AM. This is the same journey that many young children in Africa have to do as part of their daily chores.
In July this year, I will be travelling to Uganda with my school to help with the International Needs WASH Water Project. This project is a rolling program which provides:
1. New toilets and other sanitation facilities for families and schools
2. Training
3. New borehole wells and pumps
4. Rehabilitation of damaged water sources
5. Hygiene and sanitation education programmes in schools and within the community
When I am in Uganda, I will be helping to build sanitation facilities and pumps for one of the newer towns.
My trip is already booked and paid for, so any money you donate here will go directly to the project.
Please give what you can to help bring clean water to families in this area in rural Africa.